2021 is filling fast! Don’t wait too long – all reservations are refundable.

We have all been living with the virus for over four months now. It has taken some time for all of us to get our arms around the breadth and depth of this invisible enemy. No matter our circumstance, it has had a profound impact on our lives. For those of us in the travel business, it has of course brought unique havoc.

But it is temporary. It will end. Life will return to normal.

I have tremendous faith and confidence in what the future will bring. The brightest minds in multiple countries are working on a vaccine and on effective ways to treat the virus. Part of that motivation is financial as the vaccine producers stand to profit handsomely from a product that can return the world to a more normal state. That could well happen by the end of the year.

And when it does, things are going to snap back to a more normal state as quickly as things fell apart. And one of the first things folks will do is make travel plans because we’ve all been home bound for too long.

Many of our 2020 tours have been pushed to 2021. And we’ll have some new ones next year as well (many are already registering). We understand that many are hesitant to move forward with travel plans, but NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE PLANS FOR 2021 so that you have reservations in place when things return to a more normal place.

And you can do so with COMPLETE CONFIDENCE. Any reservation made for any remaining 2020 or 2021 tour is FULLY REFUNDABLE if conditions are not yet right for travel. You never have to worry about having your deposit withheld as it will be refundable. But if you wait for everything to be back to normal and then make your plans, you may find that tours are full. So give us a call. We have lots of great itineraries and it’s time to take a step forward and get ready to get back out there. We are ready like never before to show you the world.

We appreciate so many of you that have sent your well wishes our way. Your friendship is very important to us. We are using our extra time to make sure that we are fully ready when you are.

Thanks again for your goodness and let’s look forward to great travel experiences ahead!

David Webb, Webb Tours

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