September 2-16, 2021 | Mayflower Re-Discovery Tour in England and Holland

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September 2, 2021
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In the year 1620, the Pilgrims gathered on the shores of Plymouth, England then the Netherlands and set sail for the New World. Today, 30 million Americans trace their ancestry to those early Pilgrims. They brought with them values and customs that would shape America. Now, 401 years later (one year later due to corona virus), we have an opportunity to return to the places that shaped them – and to join in the festivities that brought these historic events to pass. IN FACT, we will be in Plymouth, England on September 15, 2021 – the 401st anniversary of their departure. And that is only one of many events in which we’ll participate that commemorates their life changing journey. So read on so you can see what is in store. This is a CAREFULLY PLANNED journey that will ONLY HAPPEN ONCE!  And we’ll do it with PETER FAGG who lives in England and is an exceptional director/teacher. We look forward to sharing in this with you.

We’ll stay in nice hotels, enjoy some delicious meals and include admissions to all the places we’ll see.

And look at the price!  14 days in Britain including almost everything for under $2,895 + air.  You’ll want to get in on this one quickly as advance interest has been heavy and spaces will go fast. Group is limited to 40 passengers.



  • Fly to Manchester and home from Amsterdam
  • An impressive list of historical sites across England
  • A focus on countryside and scenery as we make our journey
  • A chance to participate in the 401 year celebration in Plymouth
  • Directed by Peter Fagg and David Webb

Price Includes

  • All accommodations, most meals and all admissions
  • Private, luxury transportation
  • Overnight ferry from Harwich to Holland
  • Directors who know these areas VERY WELL

Price per person

  • $2,895 + Airfare –  Based on two in a Room
  • $2,825 + Airfare:   Based on three in a Room
  • $3,575 + Airfare:   Based on one in a Room


Great care and attention to detail has gone into the planning of this tour. It is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME TOUR. It won’t happen again. It really is a chance to be a part of something that is historically unique and special.

 It is directed by Peter Fagg from Preston, England. Peter is a MASTER director and you will be spellbound by his stories and commentary. This is one you DON’T WANT TO MISS!


Thursday 2 September

Today we travel from the USA to London arriving the morning of the following day.

Friday 3 September

We arrive this morning in beautiful England – one of the world’s great travel destinations. We have a great two weeks in store as we celebrate the history and beauty of what we will see. We will start our tour with a visit to Runnymede. Over 800 years ago King John came here to seal the Magna Carta – the Great Charter of Liberty – enshrining the rights of the English barons. This milestone document became the inspiration for the US Bill of Rights (1791), Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and many others. Here we can stand on American soil and sit on 12 bronze chairs to reflect on what this sacred spot represents. We’ll then travel a short distance to Hampton Court Palace to see the grand brick buildings, an impressive hammer beam roof, vast Tudor kitchens, and delightful gardens. This was the backdrop to the beginning of the Mayflower story. Between 1527, when Henry VIII wanted his first divorce, and 1604, when James I authorized a new Bible translation, England went on a religious rollercoaster. During those 77 years this Palace witnessed many of those dramatic faith changing events…but for some the changes were not enough. In hearts and homes around the nation many felt a spiritual void. The canvas for the Mayflower pilgrims had been set.  We will stay in Oxford tonight.  D

Saturday 4 September

This morning we walk the hallowed and splendid streets of Oxford and strip back centuries of history. We get to see behind the scenes with a visit to the Divinity School (built 1480s) the University’s oldest teaching hall, and Duke Humfreys medieval library (Harry Potter fans will recognize both these locations). We also discover the early days of William Tyndale, John Wycliffe and John Wesley. We’ll then drive a short distance to Sulgrave and visit George Washington’s ancestral home. Sulgrave Manor was built by George Washington’s direct ancestors in the mid 1500s. The family lost influence because they supported the King during England’s Civil War and decided to immigrate to America. George was their great grandson who gained influence because, quite ironically, he defied the King. The Manor House is now a beautiful tribute to America’s first President. We then drive 45 miles to Lutterworth to visit John Wycliffe’s church. Known as the Morning Star of the Reformation, Wycliffe is a VERY important figure. He served as the minister of St. Mary’s Church in Lutterworth from 1374-1384 during which time he defied the Pope, preached against religious abuse and created the first English translation of the Bible. We visit his church and the memorial. Finally, we’ll attend Evensong (choral and organ musical performance) in the magnificent Lincoln Cathedral set majestically on a hill in spectacular countryside. Started in 1072 and highly regarded as one of Britain’s architectural treasures.This was the tallest building in the world in 1311. Stay in Lincoln tonight.  B, D

Sunday 5 September

This is Pilgrim Country where dissenting voices saw the Church of England as just a different brand of Catholic oppression. In their eyes the English Reformation was incomplete. The Church needed further reforming to create a purer, more simplistic faith. However, to take such a radical stand was illegal. The villages we visit today saw like minded individuals gathering to worship in secret – these were the beginnings of the Mayflower passengers. We’ll travel a short distance to Austerfield and visit Pilgrim sites connected to the early life of William Bradford, the future governor of Plymouth Colony. The parish church celebrates this connection with some Mayflower stained glass windows. In nearby Babworth, we walk down a quiet country lane and worship in a 900 year old church (service at 11am). This is the same Church where the preaching of Richard Clyfton opened many hearts to take the risky path of dissent. Here we witness the crossing of the paths of William Brewster, William Bradford, John Robinson and many others. Imagine…we will enjoy a service in the same building as they did! Down the road, we’ll have lunch at Ye Olde Bell in Barnaby Moor. This is where the story of William Brewster begins. He became the Patriarch to the colony and very influential as their spiritual leader. In Gainsborough (all these places are close together) we visit Gainsborough Old Hall – a fine example of a timber framed medieval manor house once home to the Hickman family who allowed the Separatists to secretly meet here. John Smyth and Thomas Helwys, founders of the Baptist movement, also began their ministries in this area. We finish our day in Epworth – home to the Wesley family. We explore the Influence of the Methodist Revival movement and its impact on America’s Great Awakening. The old Rectory is closed on a Sunday but we view the exterior, the church where Samuel was Rector and is buried, and Visit John Wesley’s statue. ALL of these towns are quaint and interesting on their own – but add the Mayflower connections and it becomes quite profound. We stay in Lincoln again tonight. B, L

Monday 6 September

On our first day together we discovered the importance of Runnymede. Today we follow up with a visit to Lincoln Castle to view an original Magna Carta (1215) – one of only four survivors of the original thirteen copies. On our journey through the castle we witness nine centuries of changes including the time the castle served as a Victorian prison which used isolation as a tool for reform. The prison church is a real gem.  An hour away is Boston. Eventually the prospect of worshipping in complete freedom compelled the pilgrims to seek refuge from their more tolerant neighbors across the Channel. The port of Boston was supposed to be a discrete exit point to Holland. Instead they were betrayed and imprisoned in the Guildhall. We visit the prison cells where they were held – and learn of their final departure to Holland. A memorial at Scotia Creek reminds us of that moment of betrayal. We drive by the “Stump Church” where Rev John Cotton, an admired Puritan preacher, inspired later groups to build up Boston in Massachusetts. We will also visit Oliver Cromwell museum – Man vs Monarchy. The decades after the separatists left for America were fraught political and religious peril. The English Civil War (1642-1651) divided the nation between monarchy and parliament and under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell the voice of the people temporarily won. Here, in Cromwell’s hometown, we sense the ‘Divine Right of Kings’ and a divided nation. Perhaps you have heard of the book Pilgrim’s Progress (1678). John Bunyan, the author, was imprisoned for 12 years for writing it. His colorful life is brought to life with original artefacts from his life. We then visit John Newton’s church and tomb. He was the author of the immensely popular song Amazing Grace. We sing the song around his tomb and hear of how a “wretch” like him helped thousands sense hope. We stay in Cambridge tonight. B, D

Tuesday 7 September

President John Adams said “Without the pen of the author of Common Sense, the sword of Washington would have been raised in vain.” This morning we visit Thomas Payne’s birthplace and stand in awe of the power of the word. Thomas wrote “ these are the times that try men’s souls” and we get a sense of his background. We spend the rest of the day enjoying the delights of Cambridge. We go for a relaxing punting tour on the River Cam – one of the loveliest ways to be introduced to the University. We see where reformist ideas were hatched, matured and implemented. One of today’s highlights is a tour around the Kings College Chapel (built 1446-1544) which, with the world ‘s largest fan vault, is awe inspiring. Stay Cambridge again tonight.  B

Wednesday 8 September

We start the day in Finchingfield which is a “picture postcard” village with its duck pond and village green surrounded by thatched cottages, windmill, pubs, tea rooms and parish church. A TRULY charming place. Have your cameras ready! We then visit Lavenham which is one of those “trapped in time” villages where progress luckily passed on by. The wool trade made this one of the wealthiest settlements in England which is reflected in its spectacular parish church and beautiful timber framed buildings. We will see how it is today – another very charming place. The remainder of our day we spend in Harwich which has seen a fair amount of military action. There are reminders around the port that it played active roles in World War One, and World War Two. The medieval street plan, heritage trail, lighthouses and harbor are all of interest – but of particular note is the Mayflower connection. Here we visit the home of Captain Christopher Jones – he was born and wed here. The Mayflower was likely built HERE, and a life size model is currently being constructed. This evening we board our ship and travel overnight (with comfortable staterooms) to Holland. We leave England behind for 3 days and follow the Mayflower pilgrims to the Netherlands where our pilgrims spent 12 years before travelling to the New World.  B

Thursday 9 September

After breakfast on board ship we begin our Dutch experience with a visit to Kinderdijk, a Unesco World Cultural site, demonstrating 743 years of Dutch Water management. We see windmills galore without which most of the country would be under water! You will be amazed at what water, wind and willpower can achieve. After living in exile in Holland for 12 years the English group decide to immigrate to America. We visit Delfshaven, Delft’s harbor from where the Speedwell set sail to meet with the Mayflower at Southampton, and the Pilgrim Fathers’ Church which shares their story. On route to Amsterdam we visit Delft where Royal Delftware is the last remaining earthenware factory from the 17th century. Our live factory tour shows us the whole process including the skilled hand painters using the same skills from 400 years ago. We stay in Delft tonight.  B, D

Friday 10 September

We visit Leiden’s American Pilgrim Museum tells their stories with ancient maps, engravings and furniture. We walk the streets of Leiden and discover the Pieterskirk Church, pilgrim burials, illegal books, a hidden church, an early Thanksgiving celebration, and a nice connection with Franklin D Roosevelt. Continuing our religious freedom theme, we visit the Corrie Ten Boom House – a touching example of pure love in providing

refuge to around 800 Jews against the Nazis. Corrie’s family were betrayed and placed in Concentration camps where her father and sister died. Corrie spent the rest of her long life preaching love and forgiveness – she died in 1983 aged 91. You’ll have some time to browse along the scenic canal and enjoy a café dinner in Delt.  B

Saturday 11 September

Amsterdam is a city of islands, canals and bridges, and one of the most relaxing ways to explore it is by boat which we will do on our canal boat ride. The pilgrims came to Holland for religious freedom, but there are reminders that toleration can quickly disappear. Amsterdam has some hidden secrets illustrating we should never take such liberties for granted. Our Lord in the Attic is a hidden church in a seventeenth-century house, and the Anne Frank House illustrates the plight of the Jews in WWII. Nearby is De Westerkerk, a fine 17th-century Protestant church. The Biblical Museum, housed in the magnificent Cromhouthuis, contains intricately detailed models of the Tabernacle and Solomon’s Temple, and a Bible collection starting from 1477. We will then transfer to the airport for our short flight back to London. We stay in Greenwich tonight.  B, D

Sunday 12 September

Worship services (LDS or Protestant) or free time this morning. The Queens House & Maritime Museum is next door to our hotel. Later this morning, we’ll visit Bunhill Fields to see this famous, non conformist burial ground where John Wesley, George Fox (founder of the Quakers) and more are buried. This is a monument to these movers and shakers who were prepared to face fines, ridicule or imprisonment for their beliefs. Just across the road is Wesley’s home and tabernacle – the UK Methodist equivalent of Temple square in Salt Lake City or the Vatican in Rome. We’ll visit Rotherhithe which was the London home of Christopher Jones, The Mayflower, its four owners and the second mate. The Mayflower pub and plaques commemorates their connection. This evening you’ll have the option to dine in style with a dinner cruise on the Thames River. A great way to enjoy London in the evening.  B

Monday 13 September

We’ll drive 90 minutes to the south today and visit the massive Dover Castle with views of France just across the sea. This ancient castle could easily keep you occupied, but there is a lesser known line of defense right beneath our feet. Tunneled in the white cliff s of Dover was the secret headquarters for the military in World War II. From here Operation Dynamo – the saving of the trapped allied forces at Dunkirk – was administered. From there, we visit Chartwell. Winston Churchill was raised to lead England through its darkest hour and a visit to his home at Chartwell deepens our respect for this giant of a man who had an undeniable impact on history. We follow his footsteps through his gardens, studio and home. Stay in Portsmouth tonight. B, D

Tuesday 14 September

Today we’ll visit Southampton, ‘The Gateway City’ which still has some of its Medieval City Walls and buildings. We’ll see the their Mayflower Memorial where the Speedwell arrives from Holland and the Mayflower from Rotherhithe. We imagine the joyous meeting of both ships as they head out on their epic journey. Later, we’ll stop for a break at the picture perfect Gold Hill with cobbled streets, 18th century cottages and magnificent views. We finish the day in Dartmouth which wasn’t part of the Pilgrims plans, but the Speedwell needed emergency repairs and this gorgeous little harbor provided the shelter and tools. We’re glad they did because it gives us a good excuse to explore this charming port which still has an old world feel. The castle and ancient church have stood guard at the mouth of the port for 600 years, and we walk along the harbor wall to Bayard’s Cove where the Speedwell was repaired. Today ferries, boats, shops, and galleries make this a delightfully vibrant and colorful stop. We stay in Plymouth. B

Wednesday 15 September  – 400th Anniversary Day – Our Grand Finale

Our timing is deliberate for the 16 September was the exact day the Mayflower left these shores four centuries ago. This has been designated Mayflower Week – seven days of themed activities. We spend a full day exploring the rich history of Plymouth and enjoying the local celebrations. We stand on the Mayflower steps overlooking the harbor where thousands have come and gone on adventures around the world. The Box, a brand new attraction, opens its doors in Spring 2020 and includes ‘100 Journeys that Shaped the World’ and a special exhibition dedicated just to the ‘Mayflower 400: Legend and Legacy’. We take a harbor cruise up between the beautiful Devon and Cornish coasts and get a sea view of what made this inland harbor so successful. It will be a day to remember! We have a farewell dinner tonight. Stay in Plymouth again. B, D

Thursday 16 September   Transfer to Heathrow Airport for flights home

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