2023 is looking good!

The last two years in the travel world have been challenging to say the least. Of course, all tours were canceled starting in March of 2020 as we all adjusted to a new way of life. But that was ok, we all did what we had to do. Webb Tours began traveling again in February 2021 and, again, we had to adjust to a “new normal” in travel. We all filled out lots of forms, arranged and endured lots of Covid testing and got used to jumping through hoops to be able to travel. But we were bold and we were happy to be back out there.

On several occasions, Webb Tours was the FIRST tour company to return to many venues. For example, when we landed in Cusco, Peru in June of 2021, we were told by the airport personnel that we were THE FIRST GROUP to return to Cusco from anywhere in the world. And it was worth it. We visited Machu Picchu on a day when there was a total of 300 people. Similarly, in September of 2021 we crossed the border into Canada at Niagara Falls and we were told that we were THE VERY FIRST COACH to cross that very busy border since Covid. And it happened in other places too. Those who joined us in Israel/Egypt in March of 2022 were blessed to be there with a fraction of the normal crowds. Thankfully, we did not have a single person that had to stay in any foreign country due to a positive Covid test. ALL who traveled with us in 2021 and 2022 came home on time, as scheduled.

2022 for us has been a banner year. We have operated more tours than ever, and we have had a blast. Of course, there was pent up demand and people were ready to travel. As the year has progressed, restrictions began to be lifted. Countries eased their requirements. The US dropped the requirement to be tested before returning home. And recently, cruise lines have announced that they will no longer require testing to board a cruise ship.

We know that Covid isn’t gone and that we will need to live with it going forward, but we have all learned a great deal. We have learned that we are all pretty resilient and that travel is important to all of us. We are all grateful that there is renewed optimism going forward as we all make our future travel plans.

2023 will be our 55th year in business. And from a travel perspective, things are looking much more normal. No more testing, no more forms, no more worrying about being stranded somewhere. So it’s time to get back out there and we have some great tours planned for 2023. We plan to be around for many years to come. We all deserve some credit for coming as far as we have come.

We love what we do. Thank you for our confidence in Webb Tours, and for telling your friends about us.


David Webb, Webb Tours

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